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Technology is one great powerful force that had moved an entire culture to a different era. From the usage of real money, information dissemination, connectivity, a global market potential, and the development of robotics, it is of no surprise, that nowadays, nothing seems impossible anymore. You can almost rule the world with a phone in your hand. You just need to consider and invest your time in executive coaching and the next thing you know, you’re a pro!

  • Back to the Future

It was in 1979 when Michael Aldrich connected a homemade domestic TV to a real-time multi-user computer by phone, marking the first online shopping ever done. This opened a gateway to making trading and marketing available globally. Shipping from this end went escalating and so did the manufacturing of resources adhering to the whole world’s demand for these resources.

Steve Jobs had invented the iPhone 2G in 2007. Many of us never knew we needed something like it. More than a decade after, it opened the availability of 5G in which a network of processors and virtual networks could get connected all at the same time, becomes possible.

Even autopilot too was launched as early as 1912 when Lawrence Perry, the son of an American inventor, Elmer Sperry, created and flew it at an exhibition in Paris. That invention changed flying forever that fast forward to today, autopilot planes fly using a computer program only.

Now, what do these men exemplify? All of them had the following traits:


Just like with any goal, these remarkable men and their inventions went through a lot of continued research and nonstop remodelling. This just reflects how passionate they all were about what they wanted to be done. They were stubborn with their goals, yet flexible in terms of time and effort that they give. They extend working hours when they need to. They remained focused. And most of all, they worked non-stop.

Male leader


Everything that they had attained, they achieved it with a team. Steve Jobs was a designer and conceptualized the iPhone design. But he’s not a manufacturer. There were people though that had put his creativity into a tangible product. This simply means a connection is important. Even if you have a great idea, if you don’t seek others’ expertise in the chosen area, you will likely fail because you chose to do it alone. Even if let’s say, you patented something originally yours and all, it’s better to have a sales marketer handle it from then on if you don’t own background about it at all. Establish connections and build relationships. A great way to do so is by attending annual symposiums, tech conferences, and launch exhibits. Be present to events like that for your good. Most of them are free.


It’s not about getting into the stock exchange or doing time deposits on this one but more of giving time to learn something. It’s undeniable that this generation right now serves as a witness of the globe’s transition into becoming smart earth where everything is high-tech and parks are mostly man-made. Invest in your knowledge because knowledge is power. It’s something no one can take or steal from you. Enhance the brain and give yourself ample rest and efficient exercise. Your health is worth investing in since it is the ultimate resource for any greatness you’re entitled to.


There’s always that hope out there ready to be grasped by anybody who’s starting a movement. Whether they may be a rebel, a philanthropist, or an inventor, positivity is almost the key that it will happen for them. They have the capability of leading teams in any field of expertise. Otherwise, what is the cause? Positivity is something that keeps everything light. This is quite hard to observe as usually, it is self-driven but the ripple it makes is quite effective. So, if you are working with a team and you are bound to be the leader, this is probably the reputation you need to establish. Remember that the people who have a lot of positivity is more valued than somebody who just demands respect constantly. And when there’s a lot of energy being put out (as when creativity is concerned), a positive outlook generates more drive.

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