Best Sealers for Sandstone Pavers


A paver is the covering piece of ground with either flat stones or brick. Usually, pavers are sealed, which protects them from any kind of substances that fall on them, causing staining enhancing their appearance and making them long-lasting. Sealing pavers produces an invisible coating on top that prevents water and oil if and onlyRead More

Using AdWords for Your Hotel

In this article we’ll discuss how to create and handle a Successful AdWords campaign for Hotels. Even though AdWords are expensive, the yields are rewarding for the resorts. It’s somewhat tricky to market for resorts as price per click and cost per conversion is large and the business is extremely competitive. However, google search isRead More

Award-winning Skyscraper Concept

Each year, the design magazine eVolo stages an architecture design contest that is on the lookout for the most innovative and ground-breaking skyscraper concepts. This year’s first-place award winner is, with the concept being designed by the trio of Polish architects: Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa, and Piotr Pańczyk. This winning skyscraper concept has beenRead More