Using Artificial Intelligence to Confirm Customer Bookings


Most of you know that I love technology. It doesn’t matter if it’s a DIY pop sockets video, a new phone holder or a major technological development in infrastructure – I will know about it.

The rise of Artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t seem to have any limitations. According to information technology experts, AI technology now even uses robotic tools to make hotel booking confirmations for customers. This innovation is one of the amazing breakthroughs in the 21st century. Many people thought that apart from virtual reality, it will be hard for artificial intelligence technology to exceed customer expectations. However, the power of innovative AI technology has proven many people wrong because it has brought higher profitability for hoteliers.

Let’s analyze we can apply this invention to the hospitality business.

What is Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Artificial intelligence is the use of robotics and programs to mimic humans and control our daily tasks. Generally, AI depends on cloud computing software and smart solutions. The application of AI doesn’t have to be complex before it makes an impact. Hoteliers have been able to guarantee unique customer service with simple applications of chatbots, texting widget, and booking engines. Also, developers are integrating AI technologies as messaging programs on websites. Hotel reservations and booking have been made easy with these engines. Additionally, you can control a customer-centric system with special AI-based revenue and channel managers.

Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

The ultimate goal of every entrepreneur is to make more profit and deliver unique customer experiences. Both artificial intelligence and machine learning technology offer many opportunities for hotel and travel providers. The former helps to enhance sales and handle marketing activities efficiently. Customers also benefit from these opportunities because they can enjoy personalized services with these tools.

AI supplies data to recommendation engines; it evaluates the needs of customers automatically. This technology works with minimal human intervention because it’s powered by smart automation. However, one of the objectives of choosing AI technology is to simplify the processes of transactions. In hotel management, customers are very happy when their booking procedures are easy. It could be frustrating when customers experience time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Usually, unnecessary routines during booking confirmations and hotel reservations bring dissatisfaction. While time is money in business transactions, AI helps to prevent repetitive and redundant actions that might frustrate the customer. This concept of machine language (ML) was developed many years ago. However, artificial intelligence has been simplified for computers and other machines. Data analysis, facial recognition, and speech interpretation have never been seamless. In the hospitality business, front desk workers are using bots to handle large data of customers and process direct bookings speedily.
This technology of direct bookings with bots has changed the shape of the global hospitality business. However, it has brought competition because customers now appreciate AI’s efficiency. With access to relevant information, AI makes their accommodation transactions very easy to process.

Are There Other Benefits of Using AI For Booking Confirmations?

The reduction of human errors, fraud, phishing, and hacking of customers data are other benefits of AI technology. Normally, unforeseen errors occur when hospitality service providers encourage third-party interferences. Unlike regular booking systems, automated processes with AI reduce the chance of booking cancellation. So, integrating AI software in online platforms of hotels can process reservation and booking confirmations accurately.

We have also seen an increase in customer loyalty because of quality service delivery with AI. Also, the cost of purchasing data is low when intelligent software services aid booking procedures. This swift and seamless routine of hotel bookings can also impact positively on the brand value of a hotel. Customers are confident in the quality of service when they can transact with their mobile devices like phones and laptop computers.

However, a major drawback with the application of AI on customer experience is cyber insecurity. Programmers must develop high-end algorithms (for the hotel industry) that are safe and difficult to hack.

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