Using Project Management Systems to Drive Sales [Part 2]

  1. Improve Product and Service Delivery

To successfully manage the delivery of the products and services, every business requires an effective toolkit. Project managers will be aided by project management software in leading their team and implement an effective strategy to bring their products to fruition. Your clients are the first ones who will benefit knowing that their input is taken into account and has a direct effect in the project’s outcome. The best thing about having a project in a fully integrated solution is having flexibility; if you explore and discover better directions, your project management tool will allow you to take it.

  1. Encourage and Facilitate Team Collaboration

Without a doubt, working together as a team can accomplish more. Sad to say that there are still businesses who ignore that fact and fail to put an end to individual team members who pursue their own objectives which are loosely tied to project or organizational objectives. To eliminate this scenario, a collaboration software is needed. This is a platform which encourages your project team members to work in synergy and share knowledge through out the project duration. Each team members are required to contribute towards the common goal of the business resulting to a greater innovation, better problem solving, and greater efficiency in delivery. There’s also reduction in cost and impact for any unavailable resources.

  1. Minimize Project Risk and Reduce Project Failures

Rather than waiting for a disaster to happen, project management tools actually provide businesses to proactively manage risks. Unlike before where you need to consolidate spreadsheets or numerous emails to gain an overview of a project risk, a project management tool makes it more convenient using the available data. With a project management software, managing risks is centralized. Your business has real time visibility into the status of the risk in every stage of the project. You can also implement a series of mitigating actions to manage the risk and limit the impact on the quality and final delivery of the project. You will ensure you have happy customers by managing risks from initial inquiry through final delivery of the project’s cycle. The results are delivered on time and to budget, every time.

  1. Gain a Real-time Picture of Project Progress

Many business find tracking project progress challenging. But no matter how daunting it may seem, it is essential for ensuring the successful delivery of a project. Having a project management software would mean that you have a standard and repeatable method for tracking progress and reporting status. Your end user can update the percentage of their completed task, your managers can do a full project review, and submit a fully auditable project status report. All project stakeholders have a clear, consistent, and real time view of the project progress through the help of a project management software. If you are operating a luxury day spa, you can view maintenance schedules and ensure ethical guidelines are being adhered.

  1. Measure Productivity, Project Progress and Utilization

Other essential components in delivering products and services are keeping track of your employee time sheets and expenses and updating project progress. Rather than risking accuracy in error-prone manual time sheets, automated software will capture, submit, and approve time and expenses. Project progress report is consistent. It will be a lot easier to monitor and analyze the productivity versus utilization of resources. By doing this, you are improving cash flow and revenue is much clearer by fully automating your project time billing process. In the property investment industry, this is crucial. An industry where this can be applied is the investment property advisor sector. When your job is to build wealth through investment properties, you need to constantly measure the productivity and ensure its capital value increases.

  1. Improve Customer Response Rates and Satisfaction

Customer experience is the core of every business. When an issue arises, it is very crucial that you resolve it in a timely, productive and effective manner. This way, you are forging your relationship as a valued supplier and increasing customer satisfaction. This will also set a standard for your employees to follow – making them work in a more structured manner. Aside from saving time, you also ensure each customer receives the level of care your SLAs demand. In simpler terms, by improving how your company handles issues, you will have an increased volume of happy customers. Increased happy customers will directly affect your bottom line and in turn, results to increased profits. People can leave reviews of your company on Google, and this can damage your reputation if your service is poor. If you are in the hospitality industry offering holiday packages, you will want be super responsive on queries to avoid loss of leads to competitors.

  1. Improve Cash flow and Reduce Billing Errors

The functionality to fully automate the billing of your products and services is offered by many project management solutions. cash flow, maximize revenue and reduce billing errors are easily improved with time billing software.

  1. Improve Reporting and Analytics

Management reports are one thing that business without a basic project management software is struggling to produce. They often end up using Excel “which is highly prone to errors”. If you are a growing business, a project management software is essential. It will provide you with vital management information in real time. You can easily access information such as costs, progress, status and profitability, the utilization of resources, productivity, budget performance, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Whether you are a startup or a long-running business, we hope you find the value of having a project management system, realize the need to implement one, or upgrade to get more profitable results.

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