Why you should give pop–sockets to every employee 

Popsockets for all employees

I’m guessing most of you have come across the colourful circular discs attached to the back of phones, by now. No?  They are very popular! Especially the younger crowds are crazy about them. They are called popsockets! What are popsockets, you might ask? Well, it is not only for looks that they are used; they provide significant advantages as well. They are also great to give to your employees as gifts, as they are cheap when ordered in bulk. And there are a lot of customization options available, where you can choose to highlight your company branding. That way, you may increase your worker’s loyalty to your company, as you are making them feel valued. 

So, if you are wondering what merch to order next, maybe you can consider the Australian popsockets as they provide the following advantages: 

Popsockets creates a better grip – and fewer accidents!

This is one of the most obvious uses of the popsocket. It is more useful for large smartphones which have a larger chance of slipping from hand since they do not fit to the size of the palm. It can help protect your employees’ phones in the most stylish way possible. Employees usually tend to use phones roughly during their time at the office, mainly due to the urgency associated with the different tasks to be done. Popsockets come in handy during that time. 

You can get epic selfies using pop–sockets 

They do not directly capture photos, of course, but with the superior grip they provide, you can capture better selfies. It’s almost as if the phone has been installed on a tripod. For your employees, the little disc will allow them to capture photos in the office throughout the day, and the popsockets can help them get the best pics. If we speak in terms of ergonomics, it is easier to reach the shutter button by taking the grip of the popsocket. 

The more and better photos they capture at the office, the more fun and memorable will their corporate journey will be. 

Use the pop–socket as a stand 

With the popsocket, you no longer have to flip your phone while watching videos on the phone (when you place it on a table). Since the pop–socket provides height to the phone, you can also tilt the screen towards yourself when it is placed on the table, providing you with a more comfortable viewing angle. 

This can even come in handy during meetings when employees have to access information instantly from their phones or take notes in it. Talk about employee engagement! Basically, the popsockets provide more comfort during these kinds of activities. 

Attach earphones to your pop–socket 

If you have dual popsockets on the back of your phone, you can basically tie the earphones around it to keep them from getting tangled. This is a great benefit for your employees, who will surely be wearing their earphones to the office; to listen to songs during their commute or while they work. The best part is that these popsockets can be removed when you no longer want to use it. 

So, these are the best uses of popsockets and the reasons why you should gift it to each employee in your business. Basically, you can customize it and even personalize it to each employee, if you have a good budget and are willing to put that extra effort. It can go a long way to establish or strengthen the liking for the company in the mind of the employee and that is sure to show up in the work they do for it. 

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