About GroRich

Every entrepreneur has a dream of getting rich. We dream of possessing the power to pull fiscal strings, be able to control a massive fortune and off course make money while we sleep. At the same time, the dream also is to enjoy a life filled with leisure and pleasure.

But, in a world where the have-nots far outnumber the haves, where in a world of just over 1,800 people across the whole planet can genuinely call themselves billionaires. This represents not even a blip on the percentage scale of our world’s population. The truth of the matter is that the ones who are not wealthy, they are also the most heavily indebted.
Many seek the answers or secrets to getting rich in life. Few find it but in their quest, struggled to keep themselves out of the poor house. Many are suffocating in a sea of debt and unable to get themselves out of an unbearable situation which is created by the consumption and consumerism that has in its grip a considerable number of the world’s population.

Henry Ford learned a lot due to his failure but never gave up. He was bankrupt once and as a consequence forced out of his second business. But, he never threw in the towel. He looked after his own business. The reason I bring up Henry Ford is that every successful entrepreneur has at one time failed. However, the only reason they succeeded eventually on a significant scale was that they did not give up.

This is why I decided to start this site as I have been there many times. I went from being stone cold broke to very wealthy and back again. You might say, I am very familiar with the road of making it rich in business. I have made many mistakes, but I also got a lot of things right in business. I want to share my experiences here, the good and the bad.

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