When is the right time to change an air compressor

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For most business functions that need compressed air, regular precautionary maintenance and frequent services can keep your equipment running efficiently and effectively for years. Depending on its age and how hard your industrial air compressor works, some types of equipment malfunction which can cause you to decide between repair and replacement.

When is the right time to repair?

When you take the high cost of buying a new air compressor, especially an industrial-sized one, the first choice would be to try and repair it first, especially if:

  • The air compressor is considered fairly new and hasn’t been used too much
  • The compressor isn’t superseded by new technology
  • The compressor has no indications of a bigger underlying problem

Your compressor can break down for so many different reasons; some are due to reparable damage like:

Oil levels– If your air compressor is oil-based, it is important that you do a check and adjust the lubricant levels if needed.

Excessive belt wear– Belts can get replaced easily. It is important that you can identify the cause of excessive wear. Common causes can include things like extremely loose/tight belt, or the belt may be out of alignment.

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Using too much oilToo much oil consumption is common with oil compressors, it can be caused by poor air ventilation, worn piston rings and loose belts.

Excessive noise when running– Unusual noises could be due to problems with bearings, flywheel, crankcase and the belts.

Hot discharge air–  This indicated a problem with the cooling system of the machine. Most often, you will need to increase its capacity.

These are troubles that can be fixed with adjustments or parts replacements without needing much downtime.

When to replace?

If you find your compressor is outdated or not working efficiently, it may be time to get an energy audit done. A proper assessment of the compressor is done, and the professional will tell you about any changes that can be made to enhance the efficiency of your operations.  Some changes may include replacing the air compressor.
If you find that your compressor is not meeting the demands of your business like not reaching the exact demands, has problems and isn’t energy efficient. If you have an older model, you can struggle to get parts for them now so repair work can be hard, time-consuming and expensive.

If you do need to purchase a new compressor for the business ensure that you do the right research and find one that is right for the job.
Take certain things into consideration like what the compressor is being used for and where it is going to be stored. If the compressor is outside, then you need to think about weatherproofing and protection against animals chewing cords etc.

When you buy a new industrial air compressor, it is important to select the correct one to ensure that the maintenance and energy costs are kept down to a minimum. Doing so will ensure that you get long term cost savings and efficiency. If you select the wrong compressor for the application, then you can risk having money wasted in inefficiencies.

Consult the professionals if you feel you don’t know enough about air compressors to select the right one for your business and needs.

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